Over the last year, the role of secretary has been performed by the Chairman with a few others lending their support as and when they could. While grateful for such assistance, this arrangement has been difficult to manage and needs to change. The Executive works to the benefit of the Brixham business community, both initiating and supporting initiatives to the benefit of all, and the secretary plays an important part in this.

However, having spoken to a few members, it made me wonder whether some people were put off by what they saw as the onerous nature of the job, a perception which is both unnecessary and unhelpful. It doesn’t have to be.

Taken separately, the secretary’s role can be managed efficiently without a huge commitment in time. To this end I have produced a job description of the secretary’s role that might be helpful. We urgently need one – it is, after all, hardly fair to expect the Chair to manage both roles – and really hope that someone comes forward. Please think about it.

Click to download a Job Description for the role of Secretary