Some yellow lines on Torbay roads could go as part of a review of parking restrictions being carried out by Torbay Council. The council is inviting residents and businesses to come forward with suggestions on any parking restrictions around the Bay that they believe are not needed.

People are being given up to the end of November to submit suggestions, which will be reviewed by officers before proposals are presented to councillors for their consideration.

Cllr Ray Hill, Executive Lead for Highways, Transport and Environment, said: “This review is being carried out as part of Torbay Council’s determined ongoing efforts to be more car-friendly. We have listened very carefully to comments and ideas that have come our way. The council has already introduced several parking fee deals that have been welcomed by residents and our businesscommunity, including a £50 off-peak annual permit and our trial of a £2 charge for all-day parking.

“The parking restrictions with their yellow lines on roads across the Bay are there for a variety of good reasons such as improvements to traffic flow and road safety, especially increasing visibility for drivers and pedestrians alike. Limited waiting times and loading bays are provided to ensure a turnover of cars and space for deliveries. However, we do not want restrictions where they are not needed and we want to try to maximise parking. Also, redevelopment of an area might mean that restrictions that were once required may no longer be appropriate.

“With this in mind, we are embarking on this consultation, inviting businesses and residents to advise us of any restrictions that they feel are not necessary. We look forward during November to receiving suggestions, all of which will be studied by officers before proposals are presented to Members for our consideration.”

People wishing to put forward suggestions on parking restrictions should email them by the end of November to or write to Highways Department, Torbay Council, Lower Ground Floor, Town Hall, Torquay TQ1 3DR.