There is a vote taking place on the neighbourhood plan at the same time as the local elections. The neighbourhood plan has nothing to do with Torbay Council or politics. Rather, it has been written by our local community for our local community.

The neighbourhood plan is important because it will determine what development does or does not take place in our area over the next 10 years and beyond.

Reasons to Vote YES:

Protect Local Green Space.

The Brixham Peninsula Neighbourhood Plan provides long term protection for 16 important local green spaces in Brixham (see list below). Spaces protected include the Berry Head nature reserve, Furzeham Green, Jubilee Gardens, Astley Park, St Mary’s Park and many other local green spaces valued by our community. The Torbay Development Agency has confirmed these spaces are under threat from development if the Neighbourhood Plan does not go through. If you want to protect our area’s most important local green space vote YES.


Affordable Houses for Local People.

The Brixham Peninsula Neighbourhood Plan requires all new affordable houses to first be offered to people in need with a local connection before being offered to those in need from outside the area.  Brixham was rare in successfully being able to argue for this policy and the reason why this policy has been allowed is because many local industries have skilled jobs which are not necessarily well paid, such as some jobs in Fishing, Agriculture and Tourism.  If you want to help our young families get their own home and stay in the area and protect our local industries by ensuring skilled workers on lower incomes can find homes vote YES.


Regenerate existing urban sites. Protect open countryside.

The Neighbourhood Plan introduces a ‘settlement boundary’ policy and a ‘settlement gap’ policy. These protect open countryside and and focus development on the regeneration of existing sites in the urban area, such as the derelict North Cliff Hotel site or the former Jewson’s builders merchants. If you want to regenerate our towns while protecting open countryside vote YES.


Promote local businesses and increase jobs.

The Neighbourhood Plan identifies areas for businesses to grow and create jobs, particularly around Brixham Harbour. There are also specific policies to assist Tourism, Fishing and Agriculture and ensure land currently used for employment is protected for employment.  If you want to ensure there are dedicated areas to help local business create local jobs vote YES.


Improve Brixham Town Centre.

The Neighbourhood Plan includes a Brixham Town Centre Masterplan which covers the both the town centre area and Oxen Cove / Freshwater.  This reflects the key points from extensive consultation:

– retain / improve car parking, perhaps consider multi level car parking.
– provide a mixed development (i.e., not just shops) to draw people people into the town as a place to visit.

– ensure development retains the character of the town through buildings of appropriate scale and appearance.
– promote job creation in Oxen Cove and Freshwater areas but protect tourist and resident amenity.

If you want to ensure that the things local people say they want in our town centre are reflected in any future development vote YES.

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