A report from consultant engineers confirms that the North Western buttress is compromised and, within the next 5 years or a major storm, we could see the total collapse of Shoalstone Seawater Pool, in Brixham. 

As a result, the Trustees of Shoalstone Seawater Pool have launched our

 SAVE FROM THE WAVES fundraising campaign.

£500,000 is urgently needed to deliver major works on the buttress and prevent any collapse.

We have less than 5 years to act, as a set of major storms could increase the risk of collapse further and shorten this timescale. Losing this buttress would be the end of the pool and the end to a unique part of the UNESCO recognised Torbay Geopark. If we commission engineering works now, we can still save the pool and secure it for future generations as a safe seawater pool.

Shoalstone Seawater pool has been a sparkling space in Brixham since 1896 and is one of the few such pools left in England. Built into natural rock, Shoalstone has been used for bathing since the Victorian era and is still a favourite spot for locals and visitors alike, commanding wonderful views of the Bay.

We now need ‘All hands to the wheel’. Help us preserve the pool for future generations. How you can help : Join us as a volunteer, our fundraising target is huge and we need all the help we can get.  Generously support our fund raising events throughout the year.  Raise awareness of our plight.

See www.shoalstonepool.com

Focus on the Future – Save Shoalstone now!