The TDA has been awarded Local Government funding to proceed with plans for up to 70 town centre “affordable homes” as part of a mixed use development on the site of the central car park. This funding is for “enabling groundworks” for a currently unconfirmed scheme.

Brixham residents, Neil worrel and Vicky Pritchard-Davies, founders of Lighting up Brixham are committed to making permanent Brixham town improvements, small or large and have advanced an idea for the site to stimulate discussion and progress development – The Hanging Gardens of Brixham.

Neil says “When arriving in Brixham the car park is very stark, in contrast to the harbour which is dynamic and picturesque. We must make the Brixham “welcome” more holistic and memorable”.

The Lighting Up Brixham design is for a sustainable mixed use development which provides:

  • Three hundred car parking spaces – on the ground and first floors
  • Fifty 1-2 bed flats (including affordable) on the second floor
  • The crowning glory – a “one-acre green-heart garden” on the rooftop third floor. A true green sanctuary in the middle of Brixham

Vix writes “The car park gives a poor impression. For almost two decades it’s been an eyesore and a hole-in-the-heart of Brixham. What a lost opportunity. Now is the chance for the town and the bay to grasp the nettle and transform it with a spectacular, even iconic scheme”.

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