Inglewood – Windy Corner Ongoing Works

Inglewood – Windy Corner Ongoing Works

The developers of the Inglewood housing estate need to do further roadworks at both Windy Corner, and the Long Rd / Goodrington Rd / Brixham Rd junction. These will commence in the next couple of weeks and take place during the autumn, and autumn 2024.

We are led to believe that these roadworks will be less impactful on traffic flows than the closure of Brixham Road earlier this year. However with Windy Corner being the only route in and out of our town we are nervous that there is scope for significant delays and we’ve been talking to the developers over recent months, encouraging them to simplify and shorten the period of disruption.

We have been sent the following overview of the current plans from the developers and are delighted that Iain Neary will be coming to talk to members about the plans at our open meeting on September 19th.  If you’d like to attend the meeting, you are welcome to do so (non-members welcome).

Dear Alex,

Further to my July email about the next phase of work, I confirm that we have met with key stakeholders, Councillors and Torbay officers to try to optimise the scheme and limit the disruption.

We therefore confirm that we will implement the works as follows;

Long Road / Goodrington Road

We propose that these works will all be undertaken with Traffic Management i.e., no road closure although the lanes will be narrowed and lanes shut to allow works. The flow of traffic will therefore be slowed during the period of works. Each day the works will change as they progress so we have not estimated the delays as each day will be slightly different. The works are mainly widening of the junctions to improve traffic flow as shown below.

The BT diversion works on Premier Inn pavement area has already been completed.

The proposed programme and start date has been changed to suit the College and is as below;

  • We propose to start the works on Brixham Road from 25th September and will take circa 10 weeks to enable the road works to be complete for the Christmas holidays. For much of the time two lanes will be available running northbound but during service diversion and drainage works (approx. 4 weeks) only one lane northbound will be available.
  • We will need to work on the Highway and keep the TM in place during the October half term as we will be resequencing all the traffic lights. 
  • The Goodrington Road works will take 3 – 4 weeks. This will also require a small amendment to the Alan Kerr boundary to maintain security during the works. One lane will be shut at this junction and temporary lights installed to allow access to and from Goodrington Road. 

It was requested that these works are not started until November but due to phasing, risk on weather and the fact that the flow of traffic will be maintained at all times, we have discussed this with the Highways team and consider the optimum solution to be starting in September otherwise any delays will have a knock on to other planned works in the area and the TM would need to stay in place over Christmas 2023. We have therefore agreed this phasing and programme with Torbay Council. 

Windy Corner

There are two elements to this project. The first one is to rebuild and lower a BT chamber in the road to facilitate the Highways works in the future. This will be undertaken in 2023. 

The Highways works to improve traffic flows through the junction will be delayed 12 months and be undertaken from mid-September 2024.

The BT diversion works require work to be undertaken to the chamber which is hatched blue in the plan below. The works are due to commence 2nd October for 5 weeks.

The existing traffic lights will be maintained however the north bound left hand filter lane to Brixham Road will be closed for the duration of the works. This will slow traffic north bound as vehicles turn into Brixham Road but, not affect any of the other carriageways. The traffic lights will be optimised to improve the flows through the junction. We will seek to encourage HGV’s to continue north rather than turn left to Brixham Road and connect via the Totnes Road where possible to speed up traffic. We are exploring working longer hours and weekends to reduce the programme and disruption. 

Originally, we had intended to roll straight onto the Highways works but these will now be deferred 12 months to start mid-September 2024 and take 12-14 weeks.

The works at Windy Corner improve traffic flows by increasing capacity with an extra south bound lane. This requires the traffic islands to relocate to achieve this design which requires substantial work for BT in rebuilding and amending their assets before the Highways works can commence as shown above.

The traffic will be controlled by Traffic Management and a 3-way light system but as the TM will be altered weekly to reflect the progression and phasing of the works. There will not be a road closure during this work.

Inglewood Update – March 23

Inglewood Update – March 23

We confirm that the Brixham Road Closure will be lifted by 6pm on 31st March as programmed.

The works are not yet fully complete. Snagging and landscape works will need to be completed from mid-April to mid-May, this will be under traffic management. In addition, the pedestrian crossing will be commissioned in May.

The S104 drainage to the south of the site will also be installed through April in the fields adjoining Brixham Road but these works will not affect the highway.

We have agreed with the local stakeholders to delay the next phase of works to Long Road and Windy Corner until later in the year. The timing of this work is to be agreed.

Inglewood Roadworks Update – February 2023

Inglewood Roadworks Update – February 2023

The road closure and diversionary works have been in place for 2 months. Feedback on the whole has been largely positive and suggests that less disruption to traffic has been experienced than originally envisaged. In the last month there have been very few reports of significant inconvenience resulting from the works. The school holiday period also passed with disruption limited to the forecasted delays.

Inglewood Roadworks Update – January 23

Inglewood Roadworks Update – January 23

Weekly meetings with Torbay Council continue to assess the road closure’s status and seek to evaluate and react to any immediate concerns or third party considerations. The works are currently on programme for re-opening the road on 31st March and finishing this phase of work after Easter through to mid-May under traffic management measures.

Brixham remains open for business

Brixham remains open for business

We are now 10 days into the closure of a stretch of Brixham Road and thankfully the diversion routes, coupled with changes in driving behaviour, seem to be coping well. Outside of peak times there is very limited delay to journey times. 

Brixham remains open for business! Our town would love to see you this winter!

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