Brixham Chamber has long been calling for a more equitable approach to parking charges in the bay and has frequently cited East Devon Council’s strategy as a model which we believe would work well in Torbay:

Across ALL car parks in East Devon, in ALL towns including Exmouth, Seaton, Budleigh Salterton, Beer, Sidmouth the “entrance” tariff is 50p for the first half hour in winter, in summer, in autumn, in the sunshine, in the rain and in the fog. It’s clear, consistent and fair, to residents, visitors and traders.

However, following the latest round of discussions, drivers using Torbay car parks will continue to pay different charges in winter and summer, after Torbay Council voted to rescind a decision announced earlier this month which would have meant a flat rate all year round.

The council’s chief finance officer had unveiled a change to the tariffs, meaning the same charges all year round. He said it would save the council money and stop drivers feeling they were being charged too much in the summer.

Cllr Robert Excell backed rescinding the flat rate and going back to summer/winter charging, but Cllr Alan Tyerman said the flat rate was good news and offered stability.

He said: “Let’s get it settled. The public really don’t like it when we keep changing parking charges. I think we should have a single charge and this is a good opportunity.”

Mayor Gordon Oliver backed the summer/winter system while his predecessor Nick Bye favoured a flat rate.

Cllr Tyerman’s amendment was narrowly defeated, meaning the summer/winter split will stay in place for the time being.

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