A Brixham toilet that was saved from closure by people power has been given a coveted loo award.

The public toilet at Fishcombe Cove was threatened with closure last summer as Torbay Council ran out of funds to keep it going.

But the public rallied round and backed a campaign by the next-door Fishcombe Cove Cafe to keep it open.

And now it has been given the accolade of a British Toilet Association Three-Star Toilet Award.

Chloe and Emilia Pavely, who run the cafe, held fundraising events over the summer and raised thousands of pounds to put towards cleaning products and the other costs of keeping the toilets open, clean and safe to use.

“It’s such a lovely feeling when hard work gets recognised,” they said on social media.

“And it’s not just us at the cafe doing the hard work, it’s people in our community who have volunteered their time to help clean them daily, put fresh flowers in, restock the loo rolls etc.

“Big shout out to you guys because we would have been truly stuck without your help.

“Who’d have thought we would have award winning toilets here at Fishcombe Cove?”

Original story by Guy Henderson on InYourArea