Brixham Heritage Museum recently reopened with a new exhibition ­featuring true stories about the port’s smugglers.

Details about the smuggling ­operations have been uncovered by museum researchers during the ­winter.

The tales revealed range from well-armed smugglers, who fired a broadside at a customs cutter, to a smuggler hiding lace inside the ­carcass of a turkey, and many more.

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The adjacent children’s area has been refurbished and now gives ready access to period clothing for dressing up.
Displays on toys from the early post-war years and schooling in Brixham, including a real cane, have been relocated to this area.

Entry to the award-winning ­museum, which is open from Tuesdays to Saturdays, is free again this year thanks to the
support of a team of volunteers.

Visitor numbers trebled last year following the introduction of free entry and more volunteers are ­needed to greet and assist them as well as to develop research facilities.

Original story by Ellen Grindly in Brixham News
Reproduced by kind permission of author/publisher