Shoalstone Seawater Pool, Brixham  is now bustling with summer activity.

Brixham College recently held their end of term party down at the pool, an annual tradition back in full swing after a lapse during Covid years.

Shoalstone Trustees continue to meet engineers and gather costings for the crucial work needed to save the pool from the elements. Grant applications are being prepared and all fingers are crossed that we will be able to raise money to be able to instruct Phase 1 of essential works to begin before the next wave of storms. So far this season no serious movement has been identified on the North West buttress from the force of tides and the threatening crack seems to be holding.

Volunteers continue with their much valued work behind the scenes to clean, maintain and raise awareness of Shoalstone’s plight wherever they can within the local community. Fund raising events such as the annual Twilight Swim on August 9th at 7.30pm  continue to be fun and bring in much needed donations.

Donations creeping up the thermometer.

A new thermometer shows just how much we have collected so far with our ‘Save from the Waves’ campaign and how much further we have to go!  Every penny donated goes towards saving the pool for the next generation. (Pic of lifeguards showing how far we have to go attached.)

Our on-site shop is now open.

In addition to our on-line shop on the website, we have Shoalstone merchandise on-site too. So, as well as hiring a deck chair, you can browse through T shirts and mugs and plan for next year with our very own Mermaid Calendar! 

All we need now is another spell of glorious weather and the continued support of locals and visitors alike. We thank you all for your support and hope to see you down at the pool.  See our website for all fundraising events and Crowdfunding link.