Retail and Town Centre


The Retail and Town Centre team was set up in 2014 and undertook a number of projects:

  • Business data base – established a database of all businesses within the town centre area (some 200 outlets) to facilitate communication and interaction
  • Street cleaning – ran a number of volunteer days to weed and clean up the town centre streets
  • Brixham Catalogue – created the Love Brixham brand and launched the first issue of the magazine/catalogue self-funded by advertising revenue and delivered pre-Christmas by Royal Mail to every home in the Brixham area
  • Shopping Challenge – created the shopping challenge to encourage more residents to shop locally
  • Late night shopping – organised a late night shopping event pre-Christmas with street entertainment read more….

Nigel Makin, who leads the group, says “I think its fair to say that all these projects were successful to various degrees, some much greater than others but in all cases we put down a foundation that can be developed further during the coming year.

“Personally I’m very proud of our achievements, I think the above is a fair shopping list (excuse the pun) but I’m also realistic enough to realise that none of them reached their full potential and all of them have so much more to deliver. Onwards and upwards in 2105!”