An open letter from Chamber Membership Secretary Jacqui Shaw of Coralline Health to Chamber members:

Dear Member

Thank you for your support of Brixham in 2014 and of the work Brixham Chamber performs to ensure that Brixham and our local businesses are more prosperous.

For a full overview of chamber activity for 2014, please come along to the AGM, however by way of highlighting our activity, here are some of the things we have achieved and how..

The Value of your membership

Your membership is vital to support marketing initiatives for Brixham and our businesses.

In addition, as a Chamber, one of our key roles is to lobby Brixham Town Council and Torbay Council on behalf of Brixham businesses. This role is becoming more important as cut backs and reduction of local services and infrastructure occur as a result of the sweeping government austerity measures. The greater our membership the more effective and louder our voice becomes.

Also importantly, as a member your business is promoted on the Brixham Chamber website and through our Chamber social media networks.

Discount Club

Thank you to all of you who have participated in the Chamber Discount Club. We have had very positive feedback about how this has helped to drive inter-member trade in the town and also is a great way to support employees who also benefit from using discount cards.

Increase in Member Numbers

Our membership for 2014 was 125 members. This is up by 300% from 2013 and demonstrates that when we all work together for the good of every business in our town and our customers’ experience then businesses recognise this and want to join in and support what we do.

Thank you to all of you who joined and helped Jacqui from Coralline Health make our Chamber more representative of all businesses in Brixham.

Brixham Events

Our Chamber has donated monies to Brixfest, The Pirate Festival, Pride in Brixham and for Christmas lights. Our donations help support these brilliant community and tourism events that attract visitors to our town. A large proportion of donated Chamber money comes from surplus funds generated by the markets organised by the chamber.


Well done to Gordon from Tides for arranging the ‘Welcome to Brixham’ banner at the old Threshers site, Bolton Cross, supported by the trawler owners and fishing bodies in the town. Whilst the site is far from pretty, we are at least using it to promote our beautiful town.

Nigel from Beacon House and Gordon from Tides arranged the information boards situated throughout the town, highlighting all the events and attractions in the bay for tourists. This also benefits our local residents who have also found the boards useful to know what is going on locally. 

Promoting Brixham Business

Angela from IMS Marketing has produced 18 articles and photos for the Chamber including some excellent and free PR for many members. This free publicity appearing in in the local press and media is priceless for every business involved.

In addition Mike from IMS Marketing has worked tirelessly in creating and maintaining an excellent and comprehensive website to keep us updated on chamber, member and Brixham/Torbay business issues. Mike also builds and maintains our main database and produces regular e-shots linking back to the website.

Keith from Kaba Kaboo negotiates parking fees in the town with Torbay Council. As you will appreciate this is an ongoing discussion with more work to do in 2015 and Keith is to be commended as this is a really tough role.


Jo from the West Country Deli has done a great job organising our Sunday Markets alongside Christine from Hans Gifts, John from Bay Coffee and Simon from Hobbnobs who have organised the Saturday Arts and Crafts markets.

Negotiations are ongoing with the Harbour master for 2015. These markets provide valuable funds for us to use for all our marketing of the town and Chamber members.

Chamber Meetings

Pauline from Coralline Health has organised all our Executive and General meetings and provides the administration, letters and meeting minutes. Pauline also actively promotes Brixham and Chamber activities through various social media networks.

We are very grateful to Eddie at The Berry Head Hotel for providing our General meeting venue. Members have commented on how useful the meetings are both to understand chamber activity and air views and shape what we work on in the future.

Thanks also to Tim from The Yacht Club, John at Bay Coffee and Jo at the West Country Deli for providing us with free venues for the Chamber Executive meetings which are vital to helping keep our costs down so that we can use our members funds more effectively.

Retail Initiatives

Thanks to Nigel from Beacon House, Ron from Ron Campion, Mark from Boyce, Keith from Kaba Kaboo, John from Bay Coffee, Nicky from Nicky Stevenson Gallery, Simon from Hobbnobs, Mike from IMS and Christine from Hans Gifts for supporting retail initiatives in the town.

These included a massive spring clean and weed clear up – we know lots of you with retail premises participated in this. Thank you, you made our town look so much better for visitors and our local residents. In addition, Nigel and the Chamber retail team worked tirelessly on the “Love Brixham” campaign which will be ongoing in 2015. The Chamber team also piloted a late night Christmas Opening and thank you to all who participated and especially to Harry from Millie and Me for providing the entertainment for shoppers and the marketing support. The outcomes and feedback from this pilot will be evaluated and will be used to plan this year’s Christmas activities.

As we move into 2015 and face all the challenges ahead, we hope you will be by our side, as an active member of the chamber, supporting what we do on your behalf and encouraging other Brixham businesses in the town to be part of what is now, the largest chamber in the Bay.

Let’s work together to make it a successful year for all our members.


Very best wishes to you and your business in 2015.


Jacqui Shaw
Membership Secretary & Treasurer
Tel: 01803 855210