Business, Networking and Social Meetings

The Chamber  holds general meetings throughout the year and one Annual General Meeting in February at which the Executive Officers of the Chamber are elected. These meetings are open to all – members and non-members – and are a great opportunity to meet and network with many other local business people.  The meetings are normally held on the last Tuesday of the month in Feb, Mar, May, July, Sept and Nov.

The Chamber is a democratic body and guided on issues by the wishes of a  majority of members.

Voting at all meetings shall be by a show of hands with the Chairman at his/her discretion having a casting vote in the case of any equal number of votes for and against any resolution.

Any member unable to attend may appoint the Chairman of the meeting or another member attending in person as his proxy Such appointment should be in writing (email acceptable) and produced to the Secretary at least twenty-four hours before the time fixed for the meeting.

At all meetings, all members present in person or by proxy shall be entitled to one vote provided their subscription has been paid.

Social meeting and events are arranged on an ad-hoc basis.