We have taken the decision to CANCEL our open meeting on March 24th for the following reasons:

  1. To reduce unnecessary interactions to help you to stay  ‘fit and well’ and best placed to focus on your own businesses
  2. The spread of the virus is clearly accelerating and advice is changing daily; we don’t know what the guidelines will be at any future time so we wanted to make an early decision to give plenty of notice to both speakers and potential attendees.
  3. This meeting serves primarily as an information exchange and networking opportunity;  we can achieve similar outcomes via other communication channels. There is no financial impact of cancelling the meeting.

Brixham remains open for business and we fully support all of our member businesses in continuing to trade normally while heeding government advice and taking sensible precautions.  

Our next open meeting is planned for Tuesday, 26th May 7-9pm at the Berry Head Hotel. Until then, we can continue to communicate via email and our social media channels. There is also a new facebook group managed by Laura Jury for Brixham Business and Organisation Owners which we would encourage you to join.

Let’s keep safe and continue to support each other and local businesses.