The Retail and Town Centre team of Brixham Chamber has put together the first phase of an on going campaign with the goal of  increasing the number of Brixham residents who regularly visit, shop, eat and drink in the town.

The campaign is branded as “love brixham” and Phase 1 includes:

  1. A half-page advert in the October issue of Brixham Signal.
  2. A Christmas brochure to be distributed in early November via Royal Mail to every household in the TQ5 area (9742), plus a number available at outlets within the town and across Torbay.
  3. An initial webpage with a sign-up form for future, information offers and promotions
  4. Social media – twitter and facebook

The campaign is self-funded from advertising revenue in the brochure and any profits are re-invested in the town centre.

The team led by Nigel Makin includes Mark Boyce, Ron Campion, Mike Franchi, Christine Jaffa, Simon James, Nicky Stevenson and Keith Williams.

As Nigel explains “Believe it or not, Brixham  has some 190 (yes 190!!) trading outlets, from Middle Street to Bolton Street, from Fore Street to The Quay, offering a huge variety of products and services at competitive prices with excellent local service.

“Brixham, like many town centres, has gone through a difficult and challenging time recently. But the tide is beginning to turn, with traders sprucing up/refurbishing their premises, new signage being erected and new outlets replacing some of those which have sadly closed.

“The brochure gives our dedicated band of traders an opportunity to not only remind residents that they are there, but also for some of them to shout about the fantastic offers they have in the lead up to Christmas. So we are asking residents to  please come and try to do their shopping in Brixham, both at Christmas and throughout the year, before they try somewhere else.

“Why should they? Because, apart from the fantastic choice, value and convenience, if every adult in Brixham spent an extra £5 a week in Brixham rather than out of town or online, it would mean more than £3 million per year extra going in to the local economy, which leads to:

  • fewer empty shops
  • more jobs
  • better facilities
  • and a nicer place for us all to live

Makes you think, doesn’t it?”