The FSB is continuing their campaign to encourage people to by their goods and services locally.

Small businesses are the heart of the local community. They generate wealth, employment and opportunity. The FSB is supporting small business by lobbying local authorities on the three Ps:

Our research shows that seven in 10 small firms think parking is priority for the future of independent shops.

Nearly 70 per cent of members said that small businesses have to wait more than the maximum of eight weeks for local authorities to decide minor planning applications. So we need to see a speedier planning system.

Local Authorities spend around £88 billion annually. This could be used to boost the local economy by using local, small business suppliers and keep procurement procedures simple.


Angela George, vice-chair of the FSB and an executive member of the Chamber said “Brixham Chamber supports Keep Trade Local both for the consumer and business to business sectors.  The Chamber’s own purchasing policy requires, all things being equal, that we buy our goods and services from local Brixham businesses and ideally from members of the Chamber where possible.”

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