In our open letter last week we asked the developers to respond by 6th December with their conclusions to our three suggestions:

  1. That far better analysis of the capacity of their diversions should be provided before Torbay Council should agree to close the road;
  2. That a route on a temporary road across their own land would be more feasible; and
  3. That any works should be accelerated, with a target of 2 months instead of the current 3 months.

On 6th December we received the following replies:

From Persimmon Homes

From Deeley Freed

The next update on the project is scheduled for Thursday 8th December where we hope for more helpful responses.

In the meantime, the developers have been doing some initial works on Brixham Road, with temporary traffic lights and one lane closed between 9:30am and 3pm this week. We are alarmed that even this ‘minor’ traffic control at ‘quiet’ times of day have been causing difficulties – this example of an ambulance, with flashing lights and sirens, having to reverse within the roadwork section was posted on Facebook on 6th Dec, post and image courtesy of Jedd Griffiths:

“So this was at about 11.30am today temporary traffic lights on windy corner road as they have already started work digging holes all over the place ambulance went past as I was at red lights into on coming traffic coming around the blind bend and had to reverse back he had lights and siren going and the workers were running around like headless chickens trying to direct traffic closing this road is going to be horrific and any temporary traffic lights at dangerous points should really be carefully considered not just slapped up.”