Brixham Chamber of Commerce Chair, Jacqui Shaw, recently presented a cheque for £200 to the Friends of Furzeham Green to help buy additional gardening tools for the group to use on the upkeep of the flower beds and gardens at Furzeham Green, Brixham.

Last year the Friends of Furzeham Green group approached the Chamber for support so they could look after and manage the gardens when local council funding was withdrawn and it was suggested that the existing flowerbeds were to be grassed over because in the future the flowerbeds would not be looked after by Torbay Council. So Friends of Furzeham Green decided to step in and take over the planting and maintenance of the beds.

At that time Brixham Chamber executive was delighted to be able to give money to help the group purchase bedding plants and thus ensure the flower beds remained.

Jacqui Shaw said “When the group approached us again this year for funding it was obvious that the group had a clear plan for what money was needed for in 2016 and how they would use it, which makes it so much easier for Brixham Chamber Executive to assess which local projects to fund. Also Brixham Chamber executive were very impressed with all the hard work and effort that the volunteers did last year to create beautiful, colourful flower beds that local people and visitors can visit and enjoy and we are delighted to be able to support them again.”

Pictured is Chair of Friends of Furzeham Green; Carole Morey ; Brixham Chamber Chair, Jacqui Shaw and Friends of Furzeham Green Treasurer Jo Gale