Local artist and Chamber member Lynne Peets featured along with her sisters Janet and Elaine in a recent episode of The great Interior Design Challenge on BBC2.

The programme travelled to Brixham, where the three amateur designers were given the task of transforming a bedroom each for the three sisters who live in a row of terraced fishermen’s cottages on a hillside overlooking the harbour. With only three days, £1,000 and the help of a builder, they were tasked to deliver rooms befitting the picturesque setting.

Lynne’s chosen room doubles a guest bedroom and her art studio so her designer Martin, had the most difficult brief of all. As programme host Daniel Hopwood explained: ” He had two schemes to create in this room. For a designer to actually manage to achieve that successfully is not easy and I think he’s done it here”.

Martin went on to win this stage of the competition. Lynne was delighted with the transformation commenting “I am totally shocked. It’s amazing, absolutely beautiful. I adore it”.

See the programme on BBC iplayer here: http://www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/episode/b04nzc0h/the-great-interior-design-challenge-series-2-5-fishermens-cottages#group=p029h4px