Brixham Chamber of Commerce supports the ERTBID and urges all eligible businesses to ‘Vote YES’ before the deadline at the end of June.

An open letter from Laurence Murrell

Dear Colleague,

You should have received your ERTBID ballot paper over the weekend.


This vote is so important to our future, that I urge you to vote straight away and not risk missing this opportunity.

The majority of BIDs in the UK are successful. There are over 200 BIDs in operation, 90 of which have come up for re-vote after five years, and 90% of these have voted to continue. Locally, some BIDs have not been as successful. The main reason for this is that they did not deliver what was in their business plan.

During our consultation for the ERTBID, governance was raised as a number one issue. We believe it is essential to have a strong and professional executive team and a strong and experienced board to ensure that we do deliver our business plan. This is what is so different from previous local BIDs.

It is proposed to recruit Carolyn Custerson as our Chief Executive Officer, building on her strong record at the ERTC, which has been so successful for the last five years. She has the unanimous support of the Steering Group who will form the initial board of the new BID Company. This board represents a wide range of experience and knowledge and it will be chaired by myself until the end of 2017. At that point you will be asked to vote in a new board for the remainder of the BID period.


The future of tourism in the Bay is in your hands. The BID will do more than raise the finances for destination marketing. It will ensure that we are a united industry, all pulling together to make the English Riviera, the jewel that it deserves to be.