Our AGM last year was held, online, in what already seems like a very different world.  We were in full lockdown and could not predict what the next few months, let alone year, would bring.  I do remember that even in those unsettling times there was still optimism about the future and I am glad to say that a lot of that optimism was rewarded.  In the last year we have all had to face different challenges while we learn to live with Covid.  We have had to cope with everchanging guidance, staff absences, and isolating while still keeping our businesses going.  In many ways this transition period has been the hardest to manage as we all try to keep the right side of the guidance, which has sometimes seemed to contradict itself.  However, my experience is that the businesses of Brixham have coped well and some have even flourished in these difficult times.

My report this year will obviously feature covid very heavily as it did last year but firstly, I would once again like to thank each member of the executive for their hard work and support for the year.  It is because of their hard work that the Chamber has once again been able to achieve as much, as it has.  Even though we have a very effective team there is always room for a few more to share the load, even if it is just to have another opinion at meetings.  If anyone is thinking about joining then please let us know.  You will be very welcome.  Come along and I am sure you will find it a worthwhile experience.  I would also like to thank Mike Franchi for his work on our website this year.  Not only did he do a great job of keeping it up to date he also completely redesigned the site this year.

This year has been my third full year as chair and it has been another challenging year.  Now that we are taking stock of the last year, it is pleasing to see that we have still managed to achieve a lot this year despite another uncertain year.  Brixham Chamber is still growing and It is currently the 3rd largest Chamber in Devon behind Plymouth and Exeter.  For a town of our size this is a massive achievement.  We are a very active Chamber and are always looking at ways in which we can benefit the businesses of Brixham.  I believe that we do this well considering our finite resources however as I have said before we are always looking to see how we can improve and do things better which is why I love being part of Brixham Chamber and am honoured to be its current Chairman

Download full report and accounts – docx file

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