On a call-off basis paid by the hour, Datawise Intelligence need someone (local toDartmouth/Torbay area) who has a keen mind for market research and the curation of information.

For any Industry sector, to think outside the box and

  • If we work for Food and Drink producers for example, dig into Devon Associations and find out who are the main UK retailers, agencies and distributors etc
  • If in Leisure and Tourism for example , find out where to source the best information on potential family targets to increase business levels etc
  • Search google for useful sector reports – both here and in the USA where market disruptive forces often start
  • Find the trade directories and member lists, and relevant magazines that sectors advertise in
  • Hunt with enthusiasm for useful market research and any relevant list data
  • Learn to understand what Open Data Sets can be sourced from the Office of National Statistics
  • Dig into all list vendor companies in London and filter out the quality ones
  • Be familiar with what Experian, Call Credit, Axiom, and CACI can provide as added data sets, with their demographic classifications

For more information, contact peter.mccann@datawiseintel.com