Shoalstone Seawater Pool is navigating its way toward a new season with the addition of a bright new Compass.

Structural problems at the pool keep raising their heads. In addition to the compromised North West Wall, the tides have recently created a void beneath the pool. Tidal pressure has created a crack through which the funneled water  is spouting through. This causes concern, as when the tide goes out we lose water and cannot control the correct depth for safe swimming.

David Thomas, Operations Manager for Shoalstone is working around the clock to  try to capture a dry moment in which to repair the crack in the hope that It will stop the flow. “It certainly is a challenge but we are doing everything we can to be able to open up for the summer season on June 1st . Our priority is to make it safe.” 

Major structural works are crucial to save Shoalstone. Save Shoalstone from the Waves Fundraising campaign began in earnest this year with a crowdfunding page and grant applications.

Stage 1 of the programme will cost £500K – a big goal to reach for.

The new piece of art work on the Compass Deck was inspired by the art deco building. Mark Bell, a local artist, has been busy with his masonry paints to redesign the compass. Newly settled in Brixham with his family, and having previously run the Lucky 7 club in Paignton. He and his wife Sarah wanted to support Shoalstone in a creative way and bring some colour to the deck.

Mark says “This is such a stunning location and to paint here was a joy, despite being distracted by the dolphins!   I was really pleased to be able to work on the compass and meet many of the Shoalstone volunteers all trying so hard to keep this gem of Brixham afloat. I hope everyone who loves Shoalstone will enjoy it this season”.

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