In the December Isssue of  The English Riviera Magazine, Chamber member and well known Brixham photographer, Chris Slack talks to Anita Newcombe about the attraction of storm-force weather conditions, moonlit beaches at midnight and sunrise over the sea – all to get the perfect shot.

When I met Chris Slack at his home in Brixham he had already been out to St Mary’s Bay early that morning to watch rhe sunrise and capture some new images. ”It was great weather today and there was a fishing day boat coming in just as the sun came up – gorgeous!”

For Chris, the weather and the changing seasons are his livelihood. Starting photography at the age of 14 with a pocket camera, he got his first ‘proper camera’ at 17, a Chinon CE4 SLR and has always been entirely self-taught.

Photographing air shows in the early days gave Chris a taste for getting photos that can’t be repeated and his love of action phorography has also led to him becoming a great supporter of the RNLI in Brixham. Chris said, “I’ve seen Mother Nature at her worst, though for me it’s her best and most dramatic.”


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