Our next Open Meeting is at the Berry Head Hotel on Tuesday 21st November at 7pm. It is themed around the Environment and Sustainability and we have a number of exceptional and inspiring speakers lined up for the evening.

  • How do seals mate?
  • How many discarded bags of dog poo can you pick up in a year?
  • Why is Berry Head so important for Greater Horseshoe bats, migrating birds, and rare flowers?
  • How can my business reduce its carbon footprint?

For the answer to these questions and more, come and join us!

Local naturalist Duncan Kenny has just returned from an eight-week project researching seal pup mortality on a remote island in the Irish sea. Duncan says “I will be illustrating the beautiful wild lives I observed and some of the successes and the challenges both the seals and I faced”. His research informs us about our local marine habitats, and the seals in Brixham, which he knows well from his wild swimming and involvement with the Seal Project.

Hannah Beaumont is a local hero! You may know her from her Facebook pseudonym Me and the Plastic Sea, where for some years she has been cataloguing the piles of litter (and bags of poo) she has collected from our local coastline. On November 17th Hannah is setting off on her latest litter picking marathon, 26.4 miles of coastline from Brixham to Kingswear, Galmpton, over to Goodrington, and back home. She’ll be talking about her relentless litter picking and how we can all help to look after our coast.

Mike Langman is one of the country’s most knowledgeable bird enthusiasts and illustrators. Since 2015 he has been coordinating a determined group of volunteers to protect and enhance the wonderful natural environment at Clennon Lakes, one of Torbay’s most important (and previously neglected) wildlife sites. This is a great local example of how, with determination, we can protect and enhance our beautiful spaces and give nature a fighting chance. 

How exactly should we go about reducing our carbon footprint? There is currently an initiative for businesses to get free consultancy advice on this topic, from the South West Manufacturing Advisory Service. Phil Halse will be joining us to talk through some examples from recent business sessions he has run in this area, and how we can take advantage of this help for our own businesses (hint: they have a free event in Brixham on 7th December).

Our Chamber meetings are open to all – non-members are welcome. Please let us know you’ll be coming, at hospitality@brixhamcham