Despite numerous challenges caused by COVID 19 and associated problems, one of which has been to undertake a slight redesign of the Bell supporting structure, we are delighted that the Brixham Time and Tide Bell will soon be installed on Breakwater Beach.

Local Brixham engineer Roger and his team at RWS Engineering are responsible for manufacturing the steel supporting structure and they have been beavering away over the last few months to ensure that the installation can happen before summer, hopefully by May.

The wooden parts of the structure are now being provided by a local joiner and the green oak is being sourced from Dartmoor. The installation will have its own challenges, one of which is the high tide times but the team are confident we can manage this and the manoeuvring of the large bell into place.

The actual Time and Tide Bell has been delivered to Brixham by the artist Marcus Vergette and is being securely stored.

Nationally there are new bells being installed across the UK and presently there are now 7 bells in situ and another 6 sites more in development.

For more information about the National Time and Tide Bell Art Project visit