Brixham Pilot Gig Club has taken delivery of a new GRP gig, which has been christened Brioc*.

Helen Lovell-Smith, the Fishermen’s Mission Area Officer for Devon carried out the ceremony.

Club members then took her out for a first row and the crew were selected for contribution to the club in a variety of ways. The crew were Heather Ingram, Jane Bounger, Darren Allen, Kirsten Pullen, Caren Brooks and Will Brounger with Tim Herbert coxing. Heather and her husband John have sponsored Brioc through their business, The Bay Coffee Company. 

Brixham Gig Club is a community rowing club run by volunteers. Come rain or shine, summer or winter, its gig boats are now a familiar site along the harbour, Breakwater and local beaches.

They have a growing membership of all ages from 12 to 75 years old, at all levels of fitness and ability and run regular introductory sessions, with members then having the opportunity to row as Squad Rowers’ who train hard to compete, or Club Rowers who train to improve technique, keep fit, have fun and enjoy the beautiful coastline from another angle. The objective of the club is to offer a balanced rowing programme for all, but at the same time compete with the best clubs in the South West.

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*It is believed that the name Brixham originates from the personal name of an early resident, Brioc, followed by the Old English suffix, ham meaning home – Briocham.