Torbay Council have opened a webpage with details of the proposed road closure of Brixham Road as part of the Inglewood development. Within this page there is the opportunity to share your views with the council. They have not yet granted permission for the road closure.

For more information on the proposed road closure – see here

We urge all local residents and businesses to add their thoughts to this portal. The more voices shouting about the potential impacts of this closure on our town, the more likely the council is to think twice before signing off the plans.

We believe that reasoned and fact-based arguments are the hardest to ignore. Our own specific suggestions are:

  1. The developers have not done any modelling of the traffic flows through the diversions. Consequently they have no idea if they are about to impose gridlock on our town. They should be forced to prove their diversions will be able to cope with rush-hour traffic before granting the section 278.
  2. The developers have made no contingency plans for how traffic will be able to enter and exit Brixham in the event that Dartmouth Road is closed in the same period. A contingency plan for this situation should be part of their plans before granting the section 278.

You are welcome to include these points in your own feedback if you wish. In addition we’d encourage everyone to outline to the council how and when you use Brixham Road (or other roads which may become gridlocked as a result of the closure), and how delays will impact on your life and your business.