Brixham Town Council’s Regeneration Working Group is to hold a Drop-in Day at the Scala Hall on Thursday 10th April from 10.00am to 8.00pm.

The event seeks to build on the work done at the What Next for Brixham? Conference hosted by Brixham Community Partnership in November 2013. It is designed to provide information about the ideas that were put forward, and to afford the public the opportunity to come up with other ideas and to get directly involved in Brixham’s future.

The most significant recommendation of the November conference was that Brixham Town Council should lead on regeneration as the town’s elected body, and that a single cohesive group should co-ordinate all regeneration activities in the future.

At the Drop-in Day members of the public will be able to put themselves forward for selection for the group that the council are planning to form.

There will be displays that tell the story so far and information about the Neighbourhood Plan which will be central to the work of the new regeneration group.

Speaking about the Drop In Day Chairman of Brixham Town Council, Brian Harland, said that “this is a unique opportunity for the public in Brixham to come forward and offer their assistance to the new group that we are putting together”.

“Anyone who has the skills, experience or knowledge to assist in the work of shaping the future of our town, for the benefit of the community, is invited to offer their services”.

He added that as well as a having a passion for all things Brixham the other key factors will be “the ability to lend support, advice and time to develop projects with our partners from around Torbay and beyond.”

“The council are excited by the challenges that lie ahead and I look forward to meeting as many people as possible on 10th April”.