Brixham businesses are losing significant amounts of money due to ‘unacceptable delays’ caused by roadworks and traffic lights, according to Brixham Chamber of Commerce.

The organisation has spoken in support of local councillor Jackie Stockman’s recent comments about Brixham traffic issues in the Herald Express.

The Chamber Executive claims that the delays caused by the number of roadworks along the A380 and the new traffic light systems are having a detrimental effect on Brixham businesses, residents and tourists alike.

It said: “To have this level of disruption at the height of Brixham’s tourist season is unacceptable. While the Chamber appreciates the need to complete road alterations, there needs to be a cessation during July and August which are vital trading months for Brixham.

“The roadworks are costing the local economy thousands every week. The loss to trade and the frustration caused to tourism flies in the face of all the efforts made to increase tourist footfall around the Bay and to have sustained local business growth.”

Brixham Chamber of Commerce Executive is concerned that the current traffic situation will become even more critical if housing development continues to be approved along main road infrastructures, and the environmental impact must also be taken into account.

Keith Williams, chair of Brixham Chamber, said: “There appears to be a lack of concern regarding the stranglehold that the current road alterations are having on Brixham businesses and tourism.

“We would like to call a meeting with the Mayor of Torbay, highways and planning departments to discuss how we can urgently address some of these issues that affect our members presently and, unless these issues are resolved, will continue to affect us in the future.”

Jacqui Shaw, of Coralline Health, and vice-chair of the Chamber, said: “I spent over one hour and 15 minutes travelling from Brixham to a business meeting in Newton Abbot, a distance of 13 miles, and as a consequence was late again for a following appointment. Our business is now suffering as we have to travel out of Brixham to see the majority of our clients and these delays severely impact on the amount of business we can do.”

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Original story by Caroline Abbott in the Herald Express. Reproduced by kind permission of author/publisher.