We just want to reassure everyone that Brixham is open and ready to welcome you. All our business are going above and beyond to make sure you are safe and have a great time.

There is plenty of bottled water available FREE OF CHARGE and just remember boiled water is OK to drink.

We look forward to seeing you.

South West Boil Water Public Health Advice

“These lovely visitors to Brixham are having a lovely and NORMAL holiday here this weekend at Brixham

Eating at restaurants, shopping and buying paintings. Thank you.

They have however, been filmed a couple of times by Sky & BBC who are over-dramatising this I feel.

Please don’t stay away because of the water. BRIXHAM IS OPEN! The media hype is keeping people away. It’s so unnecessary. We’re just having a ‘Greek moment ‘ where it’s best to avoid drinking from the tap. That all!!”

Lynne Peets, The Colours of Brixham