Numbers  of local families using Brixham foodbank have reached their highest ever and, as with other foodbanks across the country, this increase in demand has come at a time when donations of food and funds have reduced because of the cost-of-living effects  across the whole   community. This has meant the  Foodbank Trustees have had to draw down some of their small emergency reserve funds to meet demand.

That said, the support from the Brixham Community is as strong as anywhere  locally and the Foodbank is grateful to   local Churches ,the Brixham Chamber of Commerce ,the Soroptimists, Torbay Council and a wide range of individuals and small organisations for their continuing help.

By way of example, in March this year the Foodbank provided over 420 food hampers to local people .This compares with 180 hampers in March 2021 and 240 in March 2022. As a result of this increase, it has been decided to continue to open three afternoons each week, which  started as a trial around Christmas. An increasing percentage of clients are elderly or young working families.

 As ever all  clients are referred to the Foodbank by Statutory Organisations.

The Foodbank is  currently buying around £800 of food each month in addition to   the food donations received. Every penny donated is spent buying food for clients. The Foodbank is run entirely by volunteers. .As a Charity  the Foodbank  can claim an extra 25 pence for every one pound donated by taxpayers.

The Foodbank is open at our Brewery Lane premises every Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 2pm to 4pm to distribute food and receive donations.

 You can also donate online here: