Brixham is one of 5 communities across the UK to receive a ‘Banking Hub’ following the success of the ‘Community Access to Cash Pilot’ scheme. 
Banking Hubs are a dedicated banking space open to customers of all the major banks and will have a counter offering basic cash services to all customers (including withdrawals, deposits and bill payments). More complex enquiries will be dealt with by a representative from the major banks who each visit once a week as part of the Community Banker Service.

Access to Cash Action Group are keen to ensure the new Hub best meets the needs of Brixham. With this aim, they would be very grateful if you could complete this short survey to provide them with crucial insights into current needs and behaviours of the people and businesses across the community.

Banking Hub Survey

The survey will only be online for about three weeks and we would like to encourage as many people as possible to complete it.  We would be grateful if you could share this information with your colleagues, friends and family, basically anyone who is likely to use a banking service in Brixham!  This information is also available on our social media platforms and our website.

We are aware that there are members of our community that do not have access to the internet to complete the survey.  We are keen to reach out to all members of our community and would like to set up some dates for those members to come into the Town Hall to complete the form online using one of our laptops.  Unfortunately, we are short staffed at the moment and cannot facilitate this on our own.  If anyone is able to volunteer, or knows someone that can volunteer some time to help, please get in contact.  We have the room and a laptop, we just need some volunteers!

Tracy Hallett
Town Clerk
Brixham Town Council

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