More than 200 people have already signed up to an initiative to celebrate the lives of Brixham residents.

Plans for Brixham’s Walk of Fame are well underway and permission has been granted to put a cast iron walkway and floor panels along the Breakwater.

The aim is to create a permanent artwork installation bearing the names of people with connections to the port.

Individuals and families can buy a panel for their names and the proceeds will go to funding Lighting Up Brixham.

Launched by Neil Worrell and Vix Pritchard-Davies in 2019, the CIC is providing new lighting and improvements to the town.

So far, it has installed seven new lights including Octavia the six metre high octopus on the Fishmarket.

For Christmas, seven new lights are being fitted including giant crabs, a pair of new rainbow lights and fish.

Lighting Up Brixham has already raised more than £15,000 for the town.

The latest project has now been given the go-ahead by Torbay Harbour and Torbay Council.

Neil and Vic are confident the venture will raise thousands for the town.

The Walk will be a series of cast-iron floor panels on the 177-year-old Breakwater etched with individual names with a connection to Brixham, past and present.

Each panel is about 1 foot wide by 6 foot long.

Vix said: “Thank you to everybody who has shown an interest in being a part of this exciting new town project.

“This is unique and hundreds of people are already excited to be involved.”

Neil said: “We have had a huge response to our new venture.

“We’re passionate about the town and so are thousands of others.

“This new project will enable people to show their love for Brixham in a physical and permanent way.

“Launching Brixham’s Walk of Fame, people will be able to support their town practically and have something positive to look forward to in the coming years, as things slowly get back to normal.”

Individual names cost from £125 and family names from £175.